ENplus - A1 standartam atbilstošas koksnes granulas


Wood pellets are renewable fuel that's mainly produced from sawmill by-products and low-valued timber. Wood pellets are used as a fuel for household heating. More and more this product is used also for an industrial needs. Pellet fuel is intended for use in automated furnaces. For smooth and continuous operation are required adequate quality pellets. To provide this rule, monitoring of product quality should be done to the entire production process, starting with the selection of raw materials up to delivery to the end consumer. To guarantee the quality, Ltd. „Latgales Granulas” has passed ENplus certification.

Equipment of factory allows to use woodchips and sawdust or both as a mixed mass. Basically raw material is made of softwood shavings or woodchips. To provide high quality pellets  raw material should be without impurities and with a minimal bark admixture.


Ltd. „Latgales Granulas” offers high quality wood pellets that conform to the requirements of ENplus A1 standards. According to customer wishes possible to supply also any other specifications pellets.

  • A1 class pellets are intended for use in small heating systems. Maximum ash content 0.7%.


Industrial pellets are realized in bulk and are used for power plants, heating plants and boiler houses.



Equipment of the factory allows to process woodchips, sawdust and shavings or mix all resources together in any proportion. Basically in production are used softwood sawdust and woodchips. This material is clean, without any additional impurities, and with a very small bark content. As a heating material are used hardwood sawdust. Planned output of the factory is about 2000 tons of pellets per month. To produce this amount of pellets needed 150000m3 loose cubic meters of woodchips/ sawdust as a raw material for pellets. And 37500m3 of woodchips/sawdust as a fuel for drying.